3.3" Jurassic Cut & Polished Nautilus (Cymatoceras) Fossil -Madagascar

This is a 3.3" wide, Jurassic-aged nautilus (Cymatoceras sp.) fossil collected from the Morondava River Basin in the Tulear Province of Madagascar. The other nautiloids we get from Madagascar come from the Creteaceous deposits of Ambatalafia.

The nautilus is cut in half and polished, revealing the inner chamber structure of this ancient marine animal. Its exterior has also been polished. Both halves are included and each comes with a display stand.

A nautilus's shell is made up of two layers. The inner layer has the iridescent shine, while the outer layer provides protection from external forces. Inside the shell are septa that divide the living area of the shell into compartments and help the animal maintain balance and position in the water column.

Nautilus are "living fossils": species similar to this one still exist in our oceans!
Cymatoceras sp.
Morondava River Basin, Tulear Province, Madagascar
3.3" wide
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