32" Wide, Brilliant Red Petrified Wood Table - Junggar Basin, China

This is a high quality, table-top sized round of Jurassic aged petrified wood from the Junggar Basin, China. The slice was taken from the center of a large, perfect log and is ready to be used as a small table top, wall piece, or other type of display. It's 32" long, 24" wide, and 1" thick. It comes with a black, metal stand to complete the table.

One side has been polished to a mirror finish with no dull spots or scuff marks. The photos are very representative of the natural reddish-brown coloration of this spectacular piece. This is truly a natural work of art.

We can also do custom orders for other table top sized petrified wood specimens. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

Please note the rough petrified wood was legally exported from China several years before the broad fossil export restrictions went into effect in 2011.
Araucaria (Conifer)
Junggar Basin, China
32" x 24" x 1", weighs approximately 88 lbs
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