36" Hadrosaur Femur On Stand - Massive Dinosaur Bone

This is a massive, 36" long Hadrosaur femur (leg bone) from the Hell Creek Formation near Bowman, North Dakota. It comes from the species Edmontosaurus annectens and is Upper Cretaceous in age, 66 million years old. It was collected this past summer from our partners newest lease.

The bone has been well prepared, with minimal restoration, mostly just crack fills and a few small patches of surface restoration. It comes with the pictured, custom metal display stand.

Because of the size of the bone, it needs to be shipped via freight. Freight shipping within the continental US is included in the price. Freight shipping outside of the continental US will cost extra and will be billed after purchase. If you need a shipping quote, please contact us.

Hadrosaurs are frequently referred to as duck-billed dinosaurs and are members of the Ornithischian family Hadrosauridae. They were fairly common herbivores that roamed Asia, Europe, and North America during the Upper Cretaceous Period. Many species of Hadrosaurs had distinctive crests on their heads, some of which had air-filled chambers that may have produced a distinct sound. These crests may have been used for both audio and visual display purposes.
Edmontosaurus annectens
Near Bowman, North Dakota
Hell Creek Formation
Bone 36" long, 42" tall on stand
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