4" Tiger Iron "Stromatolite" "Shower Tile" - 2.7 Billion Years Old

This is an gorgeous, polished 4 inch square tile of of a 2.7 billion year old Tiger Iron. The thin sliced section of tiger iron has been backed ceramic material and is suitable to be inlaid into a shower, backsplash or floor. Though it would look beautiful displayed as is.

Tiger Iron it is a banded structure of Tigers Eye, Red Jasper, and Hematite. One theory is tiger iron is a typical stromatolite that has undergone mineral replacement with iron oxide. The other is the microbes formed the banded iron directly while the stromatolite was being formed. Either ways it's gorgeous to look at and even more impressive when you consider it's evidence of life on earth several billion years ago.
Tiger Iron
Pilbara, Western Australia
4"x 4", .25" thick
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