5.5" Fossil Capelin Fish (Mallotus) Nodule - Canada

This is a fossil Capelin fish of the species Mallotus villosus preserved inside of a concretion, collected from Ontario, Canada. These uniquely preserved fish have beautifully preserved bone structure and are found by cracking open the hard concretions. Both halves of the concretion are included. This is an old collection piece. There are multiple repaired cracks through this nodule.

These nodules formed within the Pleistocene Leda Clay. This clay formation occured as a result of an inland sea known as the Champlain Sea, formed from massive glaciers. The weight of these glaciers caused the Earth's crust to sink, which proceeded to be filled in by the Atlantic Ocean following the recession of the glaciers. These waters were home to a variety of marine fauna, including the Capelin fish.

Mallotus villosus
Green Creek, Near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Leda Clay
5.5" long nodule
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