5.6" Hadrosaur Dorsal Vertebra with Stand -Montana

This is an awesome 5.6" tall Hadrosaur dorsal vertebra from the Two Medicine Formation of Montana. It was collected this last spring and has been nicely prepared from the hard rock surrounding it.

The centrum was found separated from everything superior to the pedicles, requiring crack repair and gap fill restoration to put them back together. The anterior articular facets are present, though each required crack repair. There is restoration across the crest of the left anterior facet.

Comes with the pictured custom metal display stand.

Hypacrosaurus is a very large, Lambeosaurini Hadrsosaur that would have been almost as large as the Tyrannosaurs that it lived alongside. Like Corythosaurus, it had a tall, hollow rounded crest, although not as large and straight. It is known from the remains of two species that spanned 75 to 67 million years ago, in the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, and Montana, United States, and is the latest hollow-crested duckbill known from good remains in North America. It is estimated to have been around 9.1 meters (30 feet) long and to have weighed up to 4-5 tons.

 Hypacrosaurus drawing by wikipedia user debivort. Creative Commons License
Hypacrosaurus drawing by wikipedia user debivort. Creative Commons License

Unidentified Hadrosaur
Pondera County, Montana
Two Medicine Formation
5.6 x 4", 6.9" tall on stand
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