.5" Partial Abelisaur Tooth In Situ - Dekkar Formation, Morocco

This is a .5" long, Abelisaur dinosaur tooth from the Dekkar Formation near Talsint, Morocco. It was left partially embedded in the rock that it was found in. There is restoration to this tooth and the tip is very worn.

While common in the Kem Kem Beds and Dekkar Formation of Morroco, Abeliasaur teeth are general fairly uncommon dinosaur teeth world-wide. They are almost always labeled as raptor teeth when sold. Many people wouldn't consider them a true raptor as they don't belong in the Dromaeosaur family, but there is no scientific or commonly agreed upon definition for what defines a raptor.

In the past few years, these distinctive dark brown fossil dinosaur and reptile teeth have begun to appear on the market in limited quantities. They are found in Anoual Region of Morocco near Talsint. These teeth have almost always been incorrectly identified as Jurassic in age and are sometimes assigned wildly inaccurate identifications based on this incorrect age.

These fossil teeth are coming out of the Late Cretaceous Dekkar Formation. This formation is considered an equivalent to the Kem Kem Beds several hundred miles south, and the species appear to be the same or at least very similar. Part of the confusion is that very limited geological mapping has been done in this region of Morocco until recently. Most of the mapped formations were Jurassic, so people assume dDekkar was the same.

The teeth out of Dekkar have some different and interesting preservation compared to the Kem Kem Beds. The rock holds together better, allowing many teeth to be prepped in the matrix, something rarely seen with Kem Kem teeth.
Undescribed Abelisaur
Near Talsint, Anoual Region, Morocco
Dekkar Formation
Tooth .5" long, Rock 1.1 x 1"
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