.5" Pyritized Triarthrus Trilobite w/ Appendages & Micro Nautiloids

The localities that preserve trilobites with soft bodied preservation can probably be counted on one hand. One of these localities is where this specimen is from, the historic Beecher's trilobite beds in the Lorraine Group of New York. Less than a decade ago a new locality was discovered a short distance away that has produced amazing, soft-bodied preservation of trilobites and other organisms. Because of the rapid burial of the trilobites, in an anoxic environment the soft body parts were replaced by pyrite, preserving details not typically seen.

This is a very detailed, dorsally preserved specimen with legs and antennae. It measures approximately .5" and is located on a 3.85 x 1.95" slab of shale. The trilobite is naturally associated with two juvenile nautiloids that are best viewed under magnification. It is accompanied by a printout picture of the trilobite and nautiloids up close.

It comes with an acrylic display stand.

Triarthrus eatoni
Beecher's Trilobite Bed, Oneida County, New York
Frankfort Formation - Lorraine Group
Trilobite .5" on 3.1 x 2.7" shale
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