6.3" Petrified Wood Block - Polish On All Sides

This specimen was just acquired from one of our suppliers. We won't have it back in our warehouse to ship until Sept. 18th It is on sale until this date, so if you purchase it quickly you get a discount :)

This is a large, vibrantly colored section of petrified wood from the Morrison Formation of Utah. The piece is 6.3" wide, 4.7" tall and, 4.8" deep. It has been polished on all sides. Absolutely gorgeous, deep red and purple coloration which is very similar to the coloration of the Arizona petrified wood. It just has more purples in it than the typical Arizona wood.

It was collected at Henry Mountain and is part of an old collection I recently purchased with some unique pieces from unusual localities. This beautiful slab of petrified wood is Upper Jurassic in age or approximately 150 million years old. The formation which it comes from the same formation known for producing fossils of well known dinosaurs such as Allosaurus and Diplodocus. So this tree was living at the same time as the dinosaurs!

It comes with an acrylic display stand.
Henry Mountain, Utah
Morrison Formation
6.3" wide, 4.7" tall, 4.8" deep
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