6.6" Ordovician Eldonia (Problematic Soft-bodied Animal) - Morocco

Eldonia is a problematic, soft-bodied animal of debatable affinity. The genus was originally described from the Burgess Shale, but two other species have been described, one from Utah, and one from the Ordovician of Morocco.

This 6.6" wide specimen of Eldonia berbera is probably the best example of the species I've seen. The distinctive C-shaped gut tract is well defined, it is large and has great contrast with the rock.

A paper describing this species is linked below:

Eldonia berbera n. sp., a new species of the enigmatic genus Eldonia Walcott, 1911 from the Rawtheyan (Upper Ordovician) of Anti-Atlas (Erfoud, Tafilalt, Morocco)
Eldonia berbera
Erfoud Area, Morocco
Erfoud Sandstone, Upper Ktaoua Formation
6.6" wide on 12.7x12.5" rock
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