7.2" Tyrannosaur Vertebra With Stand - Judith River Formation

This is a 7.2" wide Tyrannosaur vertebra that was collected from the Judith River Formation of Montana. This formation is approximately 75 million years old, or about 9 million years older than the Hell Creek Formation which also produces T. rex. There are multiple Tyrannosaurs in this formation and it's not clear which species this particular vertebra would go to, though the collector thinks it is likely Daspletosaurus.

Overall, the bone preservation of this vertebra is excellent, though it has undergone some warping over the millions of years within rock. Most of the anterior half of the centrum wasn't recovered and has been left unrestored to reveal the osteon (bone cell) structures. Both transverse processes have undergone restoration to attach them back to the body of the vertebra. There are repaired cracks with some minor gap fill restoration to portions of the transverse costal facets. The spinous process is missing, along with the anterior points of articulation. The vertebral foramen remained intact and the rock has been removed to display this.

This specimen measures 7.2" wide by 5.3" tall and sits at 6.4" tall on the provided custom metal display stand.

There are three described Tyrannosaurs from the Two Medicine Formation & Judith River Formation; Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus and Daspletosaurus. Research done on teeth from these three Tyrannosaurs has concluded that isolated teeth are statistically impossible to assign to a specific genus because they are so similar.

Morphometry of the teeth of western North American tyrannosaurids and its applicability to quantitative classification

Daspletosaurus or Gorgosaurus
Hill County, Montana
Judith River Formation
7.2" wide, 5.3" tall. 6.4" tall on stand
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