7.7" Hadrosaur (Maiasaura) Vertebra With Metal Stand - Montana

This is a solid, 7.7" tall vertebra of a Hadrosaur (Maiasaura peeblesorum). It was collected this past summer from the Two Medicine Formation of Pondera County, Montana. Very solid bone with with only some minimal restoration of erosion around the edges. It comes with a custom metal display stand to show it off.

Maiasaura meaning "good mother reptile" or "good mother lizard" is a large herbivorous hadrosaur ("duck-billed") dinosaur that lived in the area currently covered by the state of Montana in the Upper Cretaceous Period. The first fossils of Maiasaura were discovered in 1978. The name refers to the find of nests with eggs, embryos and young animals, in a nesting colony. These showed that Maiasaura fed its young while they were in the nest, the first time such evidence was obtained for a dinosaur. Maiasaura reached lengths of around 30 feet long, making it a fairly large Hadrosaur. Young animals walked on their hind legs, adults on all fours.

Maiasaura peeblesorum, a hadrosaur from the Late cretaceous of Montana. By Nobu Tamura (http://spinops.blogspot.com) Creative Commons License
Maiasaura peeblesorum
Pondera County, Montana
Two Medicine Formation, Judith River Group
7.7" tall, 4.4" wide
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