8.6" Xiphactinus Jaw Section - Terror of The Cretaceous Seas!

This is a large jaw section of the huge, predatory fish, Xiphactinus audax. It's 8.6" long and was collected from the Smoky Hill Chalk of Gove County, Kansas. This jaw section would have come from a large Xiphactinus in the 12-13 foot range. One can imagine how terrifying of a predator this fish must have been given is huge, dagger-like teeth.

There is only a small amount of restoration to this specimen. The tip of the largest tooth has been restored, and there is some gap fill restoration on a second tooth. Other than that the jaw is natural and in it's original chalk matrix.

Xiphactinus was a huge, predatory fish that lived during the Late Cretaceous. It would have been a veracious predator, growing 15-20 feet long. When alive, the fish would have resembled a gargantuan, fanged tarpon.

Xiphactinus has appeared in the BBC's Sea Monsters and National Geographic's Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure as well as being labelled a "Prehistoric Terror" in River Monsters.
Xiphactinus audax
Gove County, Kansas
Niobrara Formation
8.6" long, Largest tooth 1.75"
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