9.5" Arizona Petrified Wood Bookends - Red And Black

This is a pair of large bookends made from Late Triassic aged, petrified wood (Araucarioxylon) from the Chinle Formation, of Arizona. The bookends have been polished on the outer face and have rings of red and orange colorations. The flat edges have been lined with felt.

Each bookend varies slightly in size, one measures 9.5" tall, 7.7" wide and 1.7" thick, the other 9.4" tall, 7.7" wide and 1.6" thick.

The vibrant coloration is due to the contaminating minerals in the silica which replaced the original wood structure. For example pinks and reds are due to hematite, a form of oxidized iron. This is similar to petrified wood which is found in the Petrified Forest National Park. The petrified forest encompasses nearly 100k acres and this wood comes from land outside of the park.

The petrified wood from the extinct conifer Araucarioxylon arizonicum which happens to be the state fossil of Arizona. The petrified wood of this tree is frequently referred to as "Rainbow wood" because of the large variety of colors some specimens exhibit. The reds and oranges come from hematite inclusions within the silica, the yellows from limonite and the purples from magnesium based minerals.

Araucarioxylon arizonicum is estimated to have grown more than 150 feet high and dominated the tropical forests in what is now Arizona nearly 225 million years ago.

Petrified wood is the name given to wood that has been turned into stone (fossilized) through the process of permineralization. All of the organic matter becomes replaced by minerals, while much of the original structure such as tree rings in retained. For this to happen the wood needs to be buried in an environment both low in oxygen (preventing decomposition) and with flowing, mineral-laden water. The coloration is due to the various minerals that are present during fossilization. For example red colors are due to iron compounds, greens due to copper, etc.
Araucarioxylon arizonicum
Chinle Formation
9.5 x 7.7 x 1.7"
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