Beautiful Heliobatis Stingray With Fossil Fish

This is an excellent specimen of a rare Heliobatis radians stingray from the Green River Formation associated with four Knightia fossil fish. These rays are one of the more rare fossils from the Green River Formation and are highly coveted by collectors for their beauty.

At 13.2" long, it is about average size for the species and is exceptionally well preserved. It's was found this summer at Warfield's Quarry near Kemmerer, Wyoming and is nicely centered on a 20x11.5" slab of matrix. It has been backed with hardie board for stability and to make it easy to mount on a wall. The ray has been inlaid into the rock and there is some minor restoration along a repaired crack running diagonal through the body.

Heliobatis is an extinct genus of freshwater ray primarily known from the Green River Formation in wyoming. The teeth are triangular and shaped for feeding on small fish, crustaceans, and mollusks.
Heliobatis radians & Knightia
Warfield's Quarry, Kemmerer, WY
Green River Formation
13.2" on 20x11.5" matrix
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