Dinosaur (Grallator) Track - Positive & Negative Impression

This specimen was just acquired from one of our suppliers. We won't have it back in our warehouse to ship until Sept. 18th It is on sale until this date, so if you purchase it quickly you get a discount :)

This is both a positive and negative track of the theropod dinosaur from the Lower Jurassic. Grallator is an ichnogenus (form taxon based on footprints) which covers a common type of small, three-toed print made by a variety of bipedal theropod dinosaurs. These tracks are found near Languedoc, France and are fairly common though finding both the matching positive and negative impression is unusual.

The track itself is 4.3" long, and it has been color enhanced to make it easier to see. The coloring is water soluble so it can easily be removed if you want the track in it's natural state. A pair of display stands is also included.
Languedoc, Roussillon, France
Track 4.3" long
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