Fossil Beetles, Crane Flies and Flies - Green River Formation, Utah

This is a fossil insect cluster from the Green River Formation of Uintah County, Utah. Most of these beetles aren't identified beyond their order (Coleoptera), however there are three easily identifiedable Tumbling Flower Beetles (family Mordellidae) which can be identified by their dark color preservation. There are also a variety of flies (order Diptera) on this specimen, including some crane flies (Pronophlebia redivivia). Some of the insects are positive fossils and others are casts. Under magnification very interesting details appear.

While this formation is best known for well preserved fossil fish found in Wyoming, other sections of the formation contain a very diverse insect fauna.

Comes with an acrylic stand.
Order Coleoptera (Beetles), Family Mordellidae (Tumbling Flower Beetles), Pronophlebia redivivia (Crane Flies) & Order Diptera (Flies)
Uintah County, Utah
Green River Formation
6 x 3.6" rock
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