Fossil Turritella & Ammonite Earrings - Sterling Silver

This is a pair of beautiful earrings made from polished, agatized gastropod (snail) fossils from Wyoming. These fossils are Eocene in age or approximately 45-50 million years old. While they are commonly referred to as Turritella, these ones are technically of the species Elimia tenera. Elimia is a genus of freshwater snail while Turritella lived in salt water.

There are also 110 million year old cut and polished ammonite fossils on these earrings. These ammonites are quarried in the Mahajanga Province province of Madagascar and lived at a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. The polishing allows the stunning inner chambers to be seen which have been replaced by agate over millions of years.

Ammonites were predatory mollusks that resembled a squid with a shell. These cephalopods had eyes, tentacles, and spiral shells. They are more closely related to a living octopus, though the shells resemble that of a nautilus. True ammonites appeared in the fossil record about 240 million years ago. The last lineages disappeared 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous.

What an ammonite would have looked like while alive.
What an ammonite would have looked like while alive.
Elimia tenera
Near Fort Bridger, WY
Bridger Formation
Turritella 1" Tall
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