Fraxinus (Ash Leaf) & Zelkova (Keaki Tree Leaf) - Green River Formation

These are Eocene aged fossil leaves from Fraxinus flexifolia, a type of ash, and Zelkova nervosa, also known as a Keaki Tree. The leaves are 1.8" and 1.9" respectively and on a piece of shale matrix. It is beautifully preserved with crisp edges. Fine details are faint, but visible.

Slight variations of the Zelkova nervosa leaves have been designated under the names Planata nervosa and Myrica praedrymeja, but they now all fall under the species name of Zelkova nervosa.

It comes the Green River Formation and the area in Uintah County, Utah. This is the same formation that is famous for producing well preserved fish fossils, but a different member and location.
Fraxinus flexifolia, Zelkova nervosa
Uintah County, Utah
Green River Formation
1.8" & 1.9 with stem, matrix 2.8x2"
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