Huge 4.68" Auriculatus Tooth - Dakhla, Morocco (Restored)

This is a gigantic, 4.68" long, sharply serrated tooth of the mega-toothed shark, Carcharocles auriculatus. It is believed Carcharocles auriculatus was closely related to the Megalodon but lived nearly 10-20 million years earlier.

This tooth was collected from the Late Eocene aged deposits of the Western Sahara Desert in Morocco. The vast majority of these teeth are found fractured and thus require repair. This tooth is no exception. It has a substantial amount of restoration with the tip, cusps and bottoms of the root lobes having restoration. This is the reason for the inexpensive price on what would likely be a $1k tooth if unrestored.
Carcharocles auriculatus
Dakhla, Western Sahara, Morocco
4.68" long
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