Huge 5.8" Pecopteris (Fern) - Mazon Creek

This is a well preserved and very large specimen of the fern Pecopteris oreopteridia preserved in an ironstone nodule. It comes from the famous Pit #1 location near Mazon Creek in Illinois. It's Middle Pennsylvanian in age or approximately 300 million years old. Half the nodule is included and there is a repaired crack through the middle. Comes with an acrylic display stand.

The Mazon creek deposits are world famous for their finely preserved fossils found within these ironstone nodules. Thousands if not millions of these nodules have been collected over the years from the spoil heaps of abandoned coal mines in the area.
Pecopteris oreopteridia
Pit #1, Braidwood, Illinois
Francis Creek Shale, Carbondale Formation
5.8" long
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