4.6" Polished Agatized Dinosaur Bone Section - Morocco

This is a large slab of agatized dinosaur bone that has been polished on both sides to expose the inner cell structure. It has a wonderful red coloration and the cell structure is very well defined. This bone was collected near Bouarfa, Morocco which would encompass the Late Cretaceous, Kem Kem Beds. Based on the size of the cells as other features of the bone slabs it is almost certainly sauropod in origin. There is currently a single described sauropod dinosaur in the formation, the Diplodocoid Rebbachisaurus garasbae.

Both sides have been polished to a mirror like finish and it comes with an acrylic display stand.

Agatized bone, sometimes referred to as "gem bone" is fossilized dinosaur bone in which the original fossil material has been replaced by silica. The impurities within the silica is what gives it the color. For example the red coloration of this bone is caused by iron based compounds. Interestingly this silica replacement often happens at a sub-cellular level leaving the internal structures intact.
Unidentified (Likely Sauropod)
Bouarfa, Morocco
4.6"x2.7", up to .6" thick
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