Monster 25" Phareodus - Largest Found From Quarry

This is an absolutely monstrous Phareodus from the Green River Formation at Wyoming. In fact at 25 inches in length it is the LARGEST Phareodus yet found in the particular quarry I acquired it from. Not only is over 2 feet long but it's nearly 11" tall, and has quite the mouthful of large, sharp, teeth. This fish would have need a voracious predator in Fossil Lake some 48 million years ago.

This beautiful specimen is nicely centered on a 34x26" slab of matrix which has been wood backed for stability and is ready to be mounted on a wall. Nearly 2 weeks of work went into the preparation of this impressive specimen. There is minimal repair and restoration to the specimen.

If you look closely you can see how Phareodus has a mouthful of sharp pointy teeth making is a voracious lake predator. In fact the name Phareodus actually means "to have tooth" Spines from other fish such as Mioplosus and Priscacara have frequently been found preserved in it's stomach.

Note: Because of the large size of this piece (it weighs 65 lbs), please contact us for a freight shipping quote. The price of shipping will be added onto this piece AFTER purchase.
Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
25" long, 11" tall, matrix 34x26x1.75"
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