Nearly 6 Foot Fossil Gar From Wyoming - 2nd Largest Found

This is truly massive, museum quality fossil Gar (Atractosteus atrox) from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. Gars are one of the largest and rarest fish found in the formation. They were fierce predators, having a long, narrow mouth full of sharp teeth.

This massive specimen was collected this past July. At just under six feet long, it is the second largest gar found in several decades of commercial quarrying within this formation. Not only is it huge but it's pristine, requiring less than 1% restoration in the form of repairing two cracks running through the slab.

It's preserved as a ventral view with the dorsal skull structure exposed to the top of the specimen. This massive fish is naturally centered in a 8x4 foot slab of rock which weighs around 550 lbs. The detail on the fish is extremely nice, just check out the closeup photos of scales, fins and the skull. The skull has been prepared on both sides of the rock.

This is a truly impressive museum piece, and one of the finest and largest gars found in the Green River Formation.

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Atractosteus atrox
Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
5' 10" on 8x4' matrix, ~550 lbs
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