Pseudo Dinosaur Coprolite

This is a tear drop shaped pendant made out of polished "dinosaur coprolite" (fossil poop) from the Jurassic aged Morrison Formation. It has some beautiful colorations.

The reason I say "Dinosaur Coprolite" in quotes is that while this material typically gets labeled as fossil coprolites, and has even been described as such in scientific papers. But, there are many people including myself that do not believe it is actually a coprolite. The "Dinosaur Coprolites" from the Morrison Formation bear a huge similarity to barite nodules. Nearly identical nodules are also found in other formations of vastly different ages and they contain no tell tail remains to an animals last meal within them.

Regardless of weather you are among those that believe they are actually dinosaur coprolites or some other mineral deposit, the color patterns make few a beautiful piece of jewelry and unique conversation piece.

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Morrison Formation
Pendant is 1.2" tall
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