Very Rare Ceratosaurus Tooth - Dana Quarry

Artists reconstruction of Ceratosaurus.  By DiBgd
Artists reconstruction of Ceratosaurus. By DiBgd
is a very rare dinosaur tooth of Ceratosaurus from the Morrison Formation of Wyoming. The tooth comes from the famous Dana Quarry, and there was only a small handful of Ceratosaurus teeth found during the past several digging seasons. This was the best one made available. The tooth has beautiful enamel, good serrations and no restoration, just a single repaired crack. You simply won't see teeth like this popping up on the market.

Ceratosaurus teeth differ from the relatively common teeth of Allosaurus by being much more circular in cross-section and having vertical ridges on the inner surface of the crown. Both of these features of apparent in this tooth.

The preparation and identification was done by one of the top dinosaur preparation labs in the country, which does a lot of work on Morrison Formation material.

The Dana Quarry in Wyoming which has produced complete dinosaurs skeletons on display at many of the worlds top museums. There is far less dinosaur material available from the Morrison formation than Cretaceous aged formation such as the Hell Creek Formation. This is due to the relatively small number of commercial quarries in operation and makes the any teeth and bones highly collectable.

Dana Quarry, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming
Morrison Formation
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