Rare, Cretaceous Starfish (Marocaster) - Large Specimens

This is a piece of limestone containing several of well preserved Marocaster coronatus (Blake and Reboul 2011) starfish from Taba, Morocco. It's Early Cretaceous in age, Barremian Stage. The complete on in the middle is just over 1" wide, there are two mostly complete ones measuring about 1.5" wide and a partial one on the edge which is even larger. The rock is 11.1x5" and about 1.5" thick. I recently acquired a small number of several types of starfish from this locality, and I have not previously seen them offered for sale. This is probably the best specimen from the lot.

Full reference: D. B. Blake and R. Reboul. 2011. A new asteroid (Echinodermata) faunule from the Early Cretaceous (Barremian) of Morocco. Journal of Paleontology 85(6):1021-1034
Marocaster coronatus (Blake and Reboul 2011)
Taba, Tawrirt Oukanakay Region, Morocco
Rock 11.1x5"
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