Serrated, 1.16" Tyrannosaur (Nanotyrannus?) Tooth - Montana

This is a 1.16" long Tyrannosaur tooth likely of the species Nanotyrannus lancensis from the Hell Creek Formation of Montana. The enamel underwent dark color preservation. The enamel from the tip has worn away along with some of the serrations near the tip. There is serration chipping at the proximal end of the tooth along one edge. Most of the serrations are present and there is no indication of any repair to the tooth.

Comes with an acrylic bubble display case.

There is a very contentious debate among paleontologists about whether Nanotyrannus and Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex) are really the same species, with Nanotyrannus representing juveniles. Papers going back on forth on the topic continue to be published and there is a lot of fossil evidence under study which has yet to be published. We tend to fall into the camp that Nanotyrannus is in fact a separate species.

Nano teeth tend to be much more finely serrated, and much thinner/blade like t-rex teeth, in addition to being smaller. Though given the state of the debate labeling them as juvenile t-rex teeth would be just as valid.
Nanotyrannus lancensis?
Hell Creek Formation
1.16" long (straightline)
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