Stunning Green River Fossil Fish Wall Mount - 41x14"

This is a stunning display plate of fossil fish from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. It would look amazing hanging on your wall. It's 41" long and has a maximum height of 14" There are nearly about 20 fossil fish on this plate of various species. Most of the smaller fish are Knightia eocaena, a type of extinct herring. There are two Diplomystus dentatus, an uncommon Mioplosus labracoides and the largest fish is a gorgeous Priscacara serrata which is 7.8" long.

This piece is a composite, meaning not all of the fish were originally found on the same rock. It appears to Priscacara, Mioplosus and larger Diplomystus were inlaid into the piece to create a very aesthetic display. They are all real fossil fish though from the same layers. Some of the fish have some restoration, touchup work which is pretty typical for these larger display plates.

The rock has been wood backed both for stability and to make the plate easier to mount on a wall. Upon request we can install mounting hardware at no charge to the back of the plate.

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Knightia eocaena, Diplomystus dentatus, Mioplosus labracoides & Priscacara serrata
Kemmerer, WY
Green River Formation
41x14", Largest Fish 7.8"
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