Top Quality 10" Priscacara Serrata

This is a huge, TOP QUALITY Priscacara serrata from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. It was collected this past summer at Warfield's Quarry near Kemmerer. Priscis of this size a rare finds, and the preservation of this one is as good as it gets. This is one of the best ones found this summer at the quarry. The 10" fish is perfectly centered on a 14.8x9.8", unbroken slab of matrix which has been backed with hardie board for stability and ease of mounting. The fish is layed out perfected, well prepared and even the most minute details can easily be seen. They simply don't get much better than this specimen!

Note: While we typically ship orders within 1-2 business days but this particular specimen can't be shipped until Sept 22nd
Priscacara serrata
Warfield's Quarry, Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
10" long, Matrix 14.8x9.8
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