Two Paleocene Fossil Ginkgo Leaves - North Dakota

This is a wonderful association of two fossil ginkgo leaves (Ginkgo cranei) from the Sentinel Butte Formation of North Dakota. They are finely detailed and the light preservation contrasts well against the dark orangish-brown rock. The plate also contains a Psidium fruit above the longer of the two leaves.

This plate comes with an acrylic display stand.

During this time in the Paleocene epoch, the Ginkgo genus was only represented by a single polymorphic species, formerly described as Ginkgo adiantoides. In 2012, the taxon Ginkgo cranei was assigned in place of Ginkgo adiantoides. This species was distributed in much of the northern regions of North America, which had a hot, humid climate at the time. Its leaves were virtually indistinguishable from modern-day Ginkgo biloba. These species of Ginkgo went extinct approximately 7 million years ago.
Ginkgo cranei & Psidium sp.
Morton County, North Dakota
Sentinel Butte Formation
Largest Leaf: 3.2" long (including stem), Rock: 5.15 x 4.4"
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