Unprepared Mioplosus Fossil Fish - About 12-15" Long

This is a large, unprepared Mioplosus labracoides collected from the 18 inch layer of the Green River Formation near Kemmerer, Wyoming. It appears to be around 12-15 inches in length, and is centered on a rectangularly cut 22x13.5 slab of shale which is about 7/8" thick. There is one repaired crack in the corner of the plate, but it's not visible from the front.

The fish from the 18 layer of has a very dark and detailed preservation. They split out entirely under the surface of the rock, typically with only raised relief from the backbone as an indication that there is a fish. This layer is typically collected at night under spotlight, allowing for the shadows from the raised relief to be seen more easily.

While the fish does appear to be complete and articulated, as with all unprepared fossils there are no guarantees. You don't know what will be under the surface. The rock on this particular plate is fairly hard so an air scribe is highly recommended to prepare it.

Here is an example of prepared Diplomystus of similar size from the 18 inch layer.

Mioplosus labracoides
Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation, 18 Inch Layer
Around 12-15" long on 22x13.5" rock
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