Large Nanotyrannus Tooth - 2.00"

This is a top quality Nanotyrannus lancensis tooth from the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota. At 2 inches long, it is very large for a Nanotyrannus. The preservation is wonderful with beautiful enamel, fine serrations and only minor, natural feeding wear the the tip. There is one repaired/restored cracks in the upper portion of the tooth. Big Nano teeth like this simply don't come up for sale very often.

It comes with a riker mount display case.

There is still much debate in the paleontological community about whether Nanotyrannus and Tyrannosaurus rex are really the same species, with Nanotyrannus representing juveniles. Hopefully new finds will come to light and settle this debate but given the fact isolated Tyrannosaurid teeth are notoriously hard to identify down to the species level, it's unlikely their teeth could be told apart accurately anyways.

This tooth was found at a private ranch in Butte County, South Dakota earlier this summer. In the Late Cretaceous some 65 million years ago, this area was located in a sub-tropical floodplain that would have been similar to modern day coastal Louisiana.
Nanotyrannus lancensis
Butte County, South Dakota
Hell Creek Formation
2.00" long (straight line)
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