Lot - 75 Polished Orthoceras (Cephalopod) Fossils

Typically we just sell retail but over the next week or so we will be making available a number of wholesale lots of inexpensive material for purchase. Please note that these wholesale lots are currently on a pallet being shipped back to our distribution warehouse to shipping maybe delayed for about a week after purchase.

This is a wholesale flat of 75 polished Orthoceras fossils from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The pieces are 3-5 inches in length. At $150 that works out to $2/each.

Orthoceras is an extinct "straight" cephalopod that lived during the Devonian period nearly 400 million years ago. Like other cephalopods they lived inside of their shell, had tentacles they could use to grab food and used jet propulsion, squirting water to move. They are found and mined in huge numbers from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco which lie on the Northern edge of the Sahara Desert.
Arionoceratid Nautiloid
Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco
3 to 5" long
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