Iron meteorites might be the most recognizable of all meteorites due to their density, unique surface thumbprinting, and geometric internal Widmanstätten patterns. These hefty space rocks originated as the metal cores of large asteroids that were obliterated by cosmic collisions in the distant past. Fragments of these shattered asteroids then traveled millions of miles through space before making a fiery descent to our planet’s surface!

Iron meteorites represent about 5 percent of all meteorites and as their name implies they are almost entirely composed of iron and nickel. When cut and acid etched, intriguing, criss-crossing patterns known as Widmanstätten patterns become visible. They are the result of the slow crystallization of nickel-iron alloys as their parent bodies' molten cores slowly cooled over millions of years. It is these patterns, as well as the unique thumbprint-like indentations on some meteorites' surfaces known as regmaglypts, which make iron meteorites so sought after.

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