1.5" Polished Stony-Iron Mesosiderite Meteorite (21.1 g) - Chile

This is a 1.5" wide (21.1 gram) stony-iron mesosiderite meteorite section from the most recent discovery in the strewn field of Vaca Muerta, Chile. This piece has been cut flat and polished on one side revealing the inner metallic inclusions. The rest of the specimen has been left in its rough, natural state.

The Vaca Muerta Mesosiderites were first recognized in 1861. Several large masses were found and distributed to the world museums. However, recently a new specimen was discovered after almost 100 years. Several rare eucrite-type inclusions have been found inside this meteorite and are now being studied to help understand the mysteries of its formation.

Mesosiderites are believed to form when a silicate-rich asteroid collides at high speed with a metal-rich asteroid, smashing together and mixing their contents to form this unusual, rare meteorite.

Stony-Iron Mesosiderite
Vaca Muerta, Taltal District, Chile
1.5 x 1.1 x .65", 21.1 grams