2.1" Indochinite Tektite (19.3 g) - Pailin District, Cambodia

This is an authentic, 19.3 gram Indochinite tektite from the Pailin District of Cambodia.

Indochinite tektites are some of the best known of the tektites. They are often found in teardrop, round, and cigar shapes throughout Southest Asia in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Their composition is roughly 70-80% SiO2 in the form of igneous glass.

Tektites are formed when a huge meteorite collides with the Earth with such force that it melts the rock and dust around the impact site as it throws that material into the air. Here they cool and harden as a kind of glass, preserving their splash-like, melted shape. Tektites are found in strewn fields, sometimes thousands of miles across.
Tektite var. Indochinite
Pailin District, Pailin Province, Cambodia
2.1 x .7 x .6", weight 19.3 grams