.7" Green Moldavite Tektite Pendant (2.1 g) - Czech Republic

This is an authentic moldavite tektite specimen that was collected in the Czech Republic. The moldavite is inlaid in a silver pendant setting that allows you to take your favorite impactite on the go. When holding a light behind the pendant, the beautiful green coloration and translucency becomes apparent.

This pendant measures .7 x .45" and weighs 2.1 grams. It comes with a 24" long, silver plated snake chain necklace.

About Moldavite - A Rare Tektite

Moldavite is a tektite, a projectile glass formed as tterrestrial silicates were super-heated, thrown into the air, and rapidly cooled after a meteorite impact. Moldavites themselves may be as old as 15 million years old. Moldavite glass often appears as a translucent forest green, though it can occur in lighter shades of olive green and, occasionally, yellow-green. True moldavite is exceptionally rare, occurring only across central Europe, primarily the Czech Republic and Germany. The Ries and Steinheim Impact Craters are thought to be the birthplace of moldavite, as location and age are consistent across the glass and craters. Because of its rarity, moldavite is often replicated, so finding real, authentic moldavite is difficult.
Moldavite (Lechatelierite)
Czech Republic
Pendant measurement including loop: .7 x .45"