Morganite is the pink variety of beryl that is also known as pink beryl, rose beryl and cesian beryl. The pink coloring is a product of the inclusion of manganese(II) cations within the crystal lattice. These crystals often are tinted yellow or orange and will sometimes present as pink, yellow and orange bands. Like other varieties of beryl, morganite has a hexagonal crystal system and is typically inclined to form individual, squat, prismatic, hexagonal crystals. This mineral makes an excellent gemstone, accepting polish and facetting well. This is to be expected considering it is the pink variety of other classic gemstones (emerald and aquamarine). Morganite has become quite popular in recent years as a gemstone. The soft, pink color and clear translucency are responsible for this phenomenon. While, morganite may be an exceptional gemstone, rough morganite is also a wonderful display piece that should be considered a must have for collectors.
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