Plumbogummite is a semi-rare, secondary lead based mineral that is part of the alunite group. This mineral has a tendency to form oxidation zones of lead deposits as stalactitic, globular, or botryoidal masses, and druzy encrustations. Though it has been observed in larger hexagonal crystals, these are far more rare. Because of the presence of lead, plumbogummite is almost always electric-blue, green, or teal with a brown-ish tint. There are also yellow and gray varieties that exist at certain localities. This mineral was discovered and named in 1819 by a French mineralogist who coined the term plumbogummite. The name is an allusion to the mineral’s lead content (“plumbo-”) and its gum-like (“-gumite”) texture. This mineral is highly sought after by collectors because of its unique texture and vibrant coloration. The name is also quite fun to say, though it is a mouth full.
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