1.3" Bright Orange Wulfenite and Mimetite Cluster - Rowley Mine, AZ

This is a cluster of small, bright orange Wulfenite crystals on matrix from the Rowley Mine in Arizona. The specimen is 1.3 x 0.8" in size, and is very eye catching. Most of the crystals have some chipping and damage, however this is pretty typical due to the delicate nature of this mineral. The botryoidal mimetite cluster can be identified by the shift of colors from orange on one side of the specimen, to yellow-orange on the other, where the mimetite is located.

Wulfenite is a lead based, molybdate mineral with a chemical formula Pb(MoO4). It forms as a secondary mineral in the oxidation zones of hydrothermal lead deposits, its color ranging anywhere between yellow to bright orange and red and occasionally brown. Typically forming as tabular, stubby, or pyramidal crystals, this unique mineral can be both brilliantly transparent and opaque.

While these crystals are safe to hold, due to the fact that they are lead-based we strongly recommend washing your hands after handling.

Mimetite is a lead chloro-arsenate mineral with the chemical formula of Pb5(AsO4)3Cl. Depending on conditions during formation/replacement, arsenate radicals (As04) can be replaced by a phosphate (PO4) or vanadate (VO4) radical. This alteration is what leads to the formation of pyromorphite and vanadinite, hence why they are typically found associated with each other. Often red to yellow in color, mimetite can occur in a variety of structures, from small prismatic clusters and crusts to incredible hexagonal crystals both thick and thin.
Wulfenite & Mimetite
Rowley Mine, Maricopa County, Arizona