1.3" Polished, Larimar Cabochon - Dominican Republic

This is a stunning, 1.3" wide cabochon of rare, larimar that was collected from the Los Chupaderos mine in the Dominican Republic. This piece is of exceptional quality with baby blue tones and flowery patterning. It has been cut and polished to a glossy-finish.

Larimar refers to the striking, light blue variety of the mineral pectolite, found only in the Dominican Republic. At this juncture, larimar is the only mineral actively mined in the Caribbean. It has recently become quite popular because of its color, rarity, and ability to easily be crafted into jewelry. Additionally, many local legends suggest larimar is a sign of the Caribbean’s ties to the mythical, sunken continent of Atlantis. This lore adds to its appeal as a collector piece by casual myth enthusiasts and serious collectors alike.

This mineral has a triclinic crystal system and only appears in a massive form. The striking sea-blue color is caused by copper impurities in the mineral. This is the result of copper replacement of calcium in the formation process.
Los Chupaderos, Barahona, Dominican Republic
1.3 x 1.3", .17" thick