1.6" Pink Rhodochrosite Crystal - Wutong Mine, China

This is a 1.6" wide, pink rhodochrosite crystal from the Wutong (Wudong) Mine in Guangxi, China. The crystal is a little beat up, but still in decent condition. Tiny pyrite crystals can be found scattered throughout the crystal.

It has been mounted to an acrylic display base with mineral tack.

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral with the chemical composition MnCO3. The crystals typically have a rosy pink to red coloration with rhombohedral cleaving in three directions. It forms from hydrothermal pockets and can be found as both crystals and in banded formations. Its color and occasional banding patterns make it a popular stone for faceting and cutting into cabochons. Premier specimens come from China, South Africa, Argentina, where it is the national mineral, and from the Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado.
Rhodochrosite & Pyrite
Wutong Mine (Wudong Mine), Liubao, Guangxi, China
1.6 x 1.05"