1.61" Apatite Crystals In Matrix - Durango, Mexico

These are lustrous, lemon yellow, fluorapatite crystals still in matrix from Cerro del Mercado (Iron Mountain) at Durango, Mexico. One huge transparent crystal can be found exposed from its matrix, on what could be considered the top of the specimen. A smaller 1.10" crystal is located directly next to the larger specimen, with smaller crystals located throughout the matrix. Hematite, magnetite, and quartz can also be found associated in this rough matrix.

At Cerro de Mercado numerous veins containing gemmy, lemon yellow to greenish fluorapatite crystals cut through the hematite massif. These crystals have been collected for decades from the iron mines in Cerro de Mercado, but they have become much more scarce with recent mechanization of the mining operations.

The bright, lustrous crystals form hexagonal shapes with off-center terminations. They are found in vugs, often associated with quartz and calcite. Most crystals are around an inch in length, though larger crystals up to about 4 inches long have been found.
Cerro de Mercado, Durango, Mexico
Larger Crystal 1.61" long, matrix 3.5x2.8"