1.7" Glassy, Fluorescent Cerussite Crystals on Galena - Morocco

This is a cluster of glassy, light-brown to colorless cerussite crystals scattered about a galena matrix. It was collected from the Touissit-Bou Beker mining district of Morocco, a location known for its stunning mineral specimens. Under shortwave ultraviolet light, the cerussite crystals exhibit a vibrant yellow fluorescence.

It is accompanied by an acrylic display base and mineral tack.

Cerussite is a lead-carbonate mineral with the chemical formula PbCO3, and is an important ore of lead. It is a common weathering product of galena, explaining why it is typically extracted from oxidized zones of lead ore deposits. It can form into a variety of different structures, sometimes in fibrous patterns and other times in granular aggregations, though it generally forms vitreous pseudo-hexagonal crystals. Its colors vary depending on composition and structure: it is most commonly colorless, white, grey and green-tinted.

Galena is a lead-based mineral and the primary ore of lead, and has been used for its lead content for thousands of years. Galena typically displays a gray metallic luster and forms cubes or octahedral crystals. The chemical composition of galena is PbS.

While galena will not pose a health hazard by sitting on the shelf or even from casual handling, we suggest washing hands following handling due to the mineral's lead content.

Cerussite & Galena
Touissit, Touissit-Bou Beker mining district, Jerada Province, Morocco
Entire Specimen: 1.7 x 1.1"