1.9" Pink Fluor-Liddicoatite Crystal Cluster - Madagascar

This is a cluster of small pink fluor-liddicoatite crystals that formed from a white matrix. They were collected from Antananarivo, Madagascar and under magnification, the elongated/striated crystal structure can be seen.

Liddicoatite is a form of tourmaline that is considered to be rare. At the chemical level, it is almost identical to elbaite with a calcium ion in place of sodium. It's a quite colorful mineral, displaying a wide variety of potential coloration including green, red, pink, purple, blue, white, colorless, black, brown, yellow, and orange. Fluor-liddicoatite is the name for liddicoatite that has fluorine in place of some of the hydroxyl groups.
Tourmaline var. Fluor-Liddicoatite
Tsarafara, Sahatany Valley, Antananarivo, Madagascar
1.9" wide