1.93" Howlite Pendant with Snake Chain Necklace

This is a beautiful, 1.93" tall howlite pendant. The howlite was collected from Tick Canyon in Los Angeles County, California and has been polished to a glossy finish. It comes with a 24" long, silver plated snake chain necklace.

Howlite is a white, grey and brown calcium based mineral that forms as a result of evaporation. It occurs when calcium, boron and silicon are readily available in an aqueous solution that begins to dry up. As the solution dries up, the minerals come together to form crystals (somewhat similar to the formation of halite). It typically forms in botryoidal masses that resemble cauliflower or nodules. Small, individual translucent crystals of howlite have been encountered, however this type of formation is quite rare.
Tick Canyon, Los Angeles County, California
1.93 x .73", .42" thick