1.95" Fluorapatite Crystal with Calcite - New York

This is a fluorapatite crystal that was collected from the Rose Road Wollastonite Occurrence in St. Lawrence County, New York. It was collected by Michael Walter in July of 2016. Under UV-lighting, the fluorapatite crystal fluoresces a yellow-green color.

Fluorapatite is the most common variety in the apatite group. It's known to form early in almost all igneous rock as small, microscopic crystals. It can display a wide variety of colors and can be confused with beryl, phenakite and milarite. Often forming bright, lustrous crystals with hexagonal faces and off-center terminations. They are found in vugs, often associated with quartz and calcite. Most complete crystals are around an inch in length, though larger crystals up to about 4 inches long have been found.
Fluorapatite & Calcite
Rose Road, Pitcairn, St. Lawrence County, New York
1.95" wide