Exceptional, 14.2" Polished Turkish Stick Agate Slab - Turkey

This is a large and gorgeous slab of Turkish Stick agate from the mines of Ankara, Turkey. It is polished to a mirror-finish on one side and features beautiful aragonite "stick" crystal formations that became encapsulated in agate.

This specimen comes with an acrylic display stand.

Stick Agate, also known as "Needle Agate", is a formation of agate that comes from mines in Ankara, Turkey. Much of the time, this agate features stick-like formations that are surrounded by agate. This occurs when agate fills a cavity within a rock that already contains mineral formations throughout. In the case of these stick agates from Turkey, the agate formed as a pseudomorph after aragonite and/or sagenite crystals. In some cases, these aragonite crystals form as hollow tubes that when polished will contain agate and/or druzy quartz within.
Quartz var. Agate & Aragonite
Cubuk, Northern Ankara, Turkey
14.2 x 9.6", .3" thick