2" Gray-Green Tabular Barite With Phantoms - Peru

This specimen contains clusters of gray-green bladed barite on an orangey matrix, collected from the Huanzala Mine in the Huanuco Province of Peru. The barite is beautifully formed, displaying deep gray-green coloration and interior phantoms.

The Huanzala mine in the Bolognesi Province of Áncash, Peru is an excellent example of a mine with exceptional quality, variety, and availability. Traditionally a lead-zinc mine, Huanzala holds the record for the most mineral tonnage extracted by a single mine. This is quite the feat and it's easy to see why minerals from this locality are so aggressively mined and collected.

This mine has a multitude of awesome minerals from sharply terminated quartz to sparkly pyrite, bubbly aragonite and dense galena. Other common minerals are realgar, orpiment, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, manganoan calcite, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, cassiterite, barite, fluorite and fluorapatite, among other less prevalent minerals. Mineral associations from this mine often contain three to four minerals at once, growing all over one another in phenomenal associations.
Huanzala Mine, Huanuco Province, Peru
2.0" wide